About Us


My name is Arek and I’m from Poland. Since early childhood my biggest passion were DOGS. I was attending FCI dog shows and dogs events around all Europe for many years. My experience with sculpture started  in 2010 when I couldn’t find artist, who would make unique trophies for specialty show I organized with my friend. As I had an idea for our trophy and my Mom was always very talented in drawing I asked Her for help and try to make  with me dog sculpture as trophy for our event…
these were first steps of Arte Perruno.


Since that time creating unique dogs sculptures for me and my mom was just a passion and way of spending
free time. Popularity that our works gained in short time caused my decision to go further in this direction.

I got more involved in development of our art studio and improvement my art skills and learning new techniques. 
We also invited to cooperation professional artists.


Arte Perruno is family art studio specializing in dogs sculptures. All our works are designed, sculpted, handcrafted and finished by us. While sculpting we always do our best to capture the essence of breed. 
Usually we consult experts about our works to make them as close to breed standard as it is possible.